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Items of Interest: Calvin and Kant

9 June 2011

Davey Henrecksen of Theopolitical has made an extremely interesting comparative analysis of the ‘theologies’ of John Calvin and Immanuel Kant. Henrecksen’s treatment of parallels between Calvin’s ecclesiology and Kant’s moral commonwealth, particularly with regard to their distinct yet remarkably similar visible-invisible paradigms and the eschatological character of the ethical commonwealth; the difference between ‘human’ religion of symbols and exteriority and ‘divine’ or ‘reasonable’ religion; the relationship between Christianity and Judaism; and their common rejection of teleological understandings of the world around them provide an interesting argument that Kant’s reliance on Reformed thinkers like Calvin may be greater than is generally thought.

Here are the links in chronological order:

Calvin and Kant on the visible church

Kant’s church

Tokens of faith: the difference in Calvin

Calvin, Kant, and metaphysical hope

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