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Opus in progresso

1 September 2011

You may notice that things have changed since last you visited The Molinist. Read on if you’re wondering why.

When I began this blog in March of this year it was with an attitude of ‘wait and see.’ The suggestion came from a few parties that I stake a claim to a corner of the theological blogosphere because it’s a good way not only to engage with the academic world of theology (which has a vibrant blogging culture) but also to attach some intelligent-sounding words to those Google results when I apply to grad school. So I came up with a name (which took no small amount of effort, mind you) and started working on a few posts with no particular expectations. To my own not insignificant surprise a small readership has developed and I have kept to a fairly consistent posting schedule, even embarking on a multi-part series on a complex and difficult issue (the ultimate success or failure of which is yet to be established). Perhaps most encouraging was a recent communication from the author of a book I reviewed which has almost made me feel like this little corner of the blogosphere actually makes a difference.

So as this blog approaches the venerable age of 6 months and the new academic year rolls around I am rolling out some changes. They will be arriving in no particular hurry and will vary not only in size and scope but also longevity (meaning that some may not be permanent). The changes will be mostly visual, though some will also alter the way you navigate the blog, and all will have to do to a large extent with branding (or rebranding) as I strive to make The Molinist more unique and less ‘words punched into a prepackaged format.’ Comments and critiques on any and all aspects of all of these changes would be greatly appreciated.

Another one of the very first changes to make an appearance is below. This is The Molinist’s new wordmark (look at me all talkin’ shop). If you have any thoughts on it please let me know.

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