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14 October 2012

You may have noticed, keen reader, that The Molinist is looking different these days. If you’re wondering whether these are some of the long-awaited further changes mentioned in Opus in progresso, wonder no more: they aren’t, really. The current crop of changes is an expression of the fact that The Molinist has become increasingly personal over the past year or so. Whereas in the beginning I obscured myself behind the veil of ‘the author,’ today I write, consciously and explicitly, in my own voice. Thus a new widget proudly identifies me as the author and the pages ‘About the Author’ and ‘About The Molinist’ have been replaced with a single page, ‘More About The Molinist,’ which, in a more informal tone that its predecessor, tells you, dear reader, about me and my research activities as well as the blog and her contents.

One (very) major change remains to be enacted: the decommissioning of The Molinist’s twitter feed. Continuing the trend of ‘personalising’ the blog, The Molinist’s stand-alone twitter feed will be slowly subsumed under my own and the content which I tweeted and retweeted will be coming from my personal account in my capacity as ‘the author,’ which account will ‘follow’ all the same twitter users as has The Molinist’s dedicated feed. Mentions and retweets will facilitate easily locating my personal/authorial account, but you can find it immediately here, if you prefer: @matthewddsg Obviously this will mean that those fans of The Molinist who choose to follow it to my personal feed will be receiving tweets previously sequestered and can expect content about my personal political and social views, relating to non-academic interests, and some entirely personal in nature. Nonetheless, the arbitrary and artificial bifurcation between my blog and the rest of me, the blurriness of which leads to an ever-increasing amount of retweeting between the two, will come to an end. This will, if anything, lead to an increase in interesting content related to the subjects covered on The Molinist, as often the deliberations over which account to use led to no tweets happening at all or I simply neglected to retweet. It won’t happen all at once: @themolinist will retweet @matthewddsg and reminders tweets will advice followers to follow the personal account for some time before the move is completed and @themolinist falls into disuse. It will, however, begin immediately, with the migration of twitter feeds being followed and the reduction of @themolinist to retweets and reminders.

I do hope, dear reader, that you will appreciate and enjoy, or at least not hate, these changes to The Molinist. The substance of the posts isn’t going to be changing, so you can keep coming here for whatever it is that draws you, you’ll just be getting to know me, ‘the author,’ a bit better.

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