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Crowdsourcing the Early Modern Blogosphere

20 November 2012

Newton Key has opened an extremely interesting paper entitled ‘Crowdsourcing the Early Modern Blogosphere‘ for open peer review on Oldenbourg Verlags historyblogosphere project (a membership is required to comment on the website itself as part of the open peer review process; the website is in German but not difficult to navigate). Key draws a number of interesting parallels between the intellectual culture of early modern Europe and that of the modern early modern historical blogosphere, as well as enquiring after the rise of the historiographical concept of ‘early modernity’ and the nature of an ‘early modern blog,’ producing an interesting analysis of the nature of our early modern blogging culture (and one which, not unironically, faces many of the same problems and challenges as a similar study of early modernity itself).

I would also recommend the review on Mercurius Politicus, which is a thoughtful and interesting engagement with the paper. If you are aware of other good reviews do share them with me, via comments on the blog or facebook page or via twitter, and I will post them here.

Open peer reviewing is a new practice with any number of potential advantages and pitfalls and one whose future is, I think, very open (no pun intended) and exciting. If ye have any thoughts on Keys article, the reviews of/responses to it circulating the early modern blogosphere and twittersphere, or the whole notion open review, I invite ye to share them below.

Many thanks to Sharon Howard for drawing my attention to Keys paper and the Mercurius Politicus review.

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