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Python trademark at risk in EU

15 February 2013

Though this is far from the usual topics here addressed on The Molinist, I want to take a moment of your time to draw your attention to a very important issue, particularly but not exclusively for those of us who live in the European Union.

A UK-based company, whom I won’t link to directly a link to whose websites can be found by following the link to the Python Software Foundation blog below, who some years ago secured the domain, is trying to trademark to the name ‘Python’ for all software and computer-related services throughout the EU. The Python Software Foundation does not yet possess a trademark on the term in the European Union and risks losing it to this company. Therefore they are putting out an appeal to any business in the EU using Python or any person who can support their claim to the trademark with pdf scans of the term ‘Python’ being used to refer to the Python programming languages in print publications, or indeed anyone who can support this non-profits costly upcoming legal battle financially.

The appeal can be found here: Python Software Foundation News

Please respond to and/or share this appeal and help keep the ‘Python’ trademark in the hands of the Python Software Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which provides an open source programming language used by programmers the world over, rather than those of a for-profit entrerprise of apparently dubious ethical practices.

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