On silence

Apologies for the long silence on the blog. The ghost town-like quality this place has taken on of late was caused by my rushing to get a doctoral funding application in, followed two days later by falling suddenly and rather seriously ill. I’m on the mend now, though, and working away to bring life back here beyond the confines of my on-going discussion with Aaron Salazar in the comments section of On the atonement. In the meantime, a few links to some read-worthy posts from the past week or so from around the historical blogosphere.

Alexander Pruss offers an interesting argument regarding the truth of Molinistic counter-factuals of freedom in Molinism, presentism, explanation and grounding.

Michelle Moravec provides a good reflection on questions as relevant to modern political discourse as to digital humanities research in What’s a public? Where is open?

Stefan Heßbrüggen-Walter over at EMTO offers an extremely interesting piece on visualising nanopublications based on a paper of his on the idea of philosophy in early modern Spanish Aristotelianism and directed me towards an interesting French language article on infoclio.ch asking whether digital humanities instruction should replace Latin.


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