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Queer faculty, Christian college

19 March 2013

While the issue of being a queer [1] student at self-identified Christian institutions of higher education is much discussed in the Christian blogosphere, the struggles faced by queer faculty members goes generally uncommented-on. Yesterday, the Inside Higher Education published an anonymous letter, Gay at a Christian College, by a self-identified gay faculty member of a member institition of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, a conservative Christian university federation. The anonymous author describes the struggles they have endured since coming to terms with his or her sexuality after taking up their current position at an institution which is unwelcoming to queer Christians.

While there is much to ponder in the letter, for me one short paragraph stood out:

One year I received a teaching award. If I were to come out now, would I suddenly cease being a good teacher? Would I no longer be able to ask disciplinary-related questions that spring from my religious faith?

I highly recommend reading the rest: Gay at a Christian College

Many thanks to Tony Jones for bringing the letter to my attention.

Notes and Bibliography

[1] While I recognise that the practice is controversial and far from universal, I do employ the term ‘queer’ as an umbrella adjective for the LGBT* community.

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