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The Molinist is Moving

20 February 2014

It is with great (well, not really) fanfare that I announce that The Molinist is moving! Having pondered it over for some time I am jumping ship from WordPress to Ghost, a new-on-the-scene open source blogging platform. There are a lot of reasons for this, from Ghost’s streamlined interface to the ability to write in Markdown. Also, not that I wish to cast aspersions, but the direction WordPress has been taking as a platform recently just doesn’t suit me, whether their increasingly unappealing interface of their furious intent on being tumblr (I have a tumblr, it’s already tumblr much better than WordPress can be tumblr).

What does this mean for you? Well, the new Ghost blog will be receiving the majority of my attention, though I’ll be cross-posting at this address for the foreseeable future. Cross-posts will include gentle reminders to check out the new site. I will be importing the contents of this blog, so the complete archive should be available at the new address, as well as the current content of my Medium page. If you subscribe to this blog via WordPress Reader or RSS, cross-posting should more of less take care of you for the foreseeable future. RSS will also be available from the new blog. Content-wise, I will continue writing about early modern history and historiography, law, philosophy, theology, contemporary race and social justice issues, and generally whatever takes my fancy.

I hope you’ll follow The Molinist to its new home and continue to enjoy it. Look for another update here once the new blog is up and running (for up-to-the-minute updates, feel free to follow my twitter page) and an inaugural post on the new blog, hopefully, around the end of next week (cross-posted here, of course).

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