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Notes from the underground: Insight

8 May 2014

Cross-posted from The Molinist.

If you’re not familiar with Notes from the underground, this is a series of posts where I provide some more autobiographical updates on the course of my work. Mostly this is because it helps me to think through and crystallise my ideas when I express them to others but I suppose someone else might also care to read about it (I don’t even know who I’m kidding). Today’s entry is a happy update on the state of my research and the very fun story of how I bought my first comic books (as oppossed to graphic novels, of which I already have several back in Canada).

So anyone who follows my twitter or, I suppose, talks to me about my research in person, is perhaps aware that my current chapter, on Hugo Grotius’ position[s] on slavery is dreading water a bit, since he refuses to present a coherent theory or even perspective on the topic across his work (or across a single work). I hadn’t hit a wall of anything but writing was coming fairly slowly. Well today that, rather suddenly, dramatically, and not a little entertainingly, changed…

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