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A friendly reminder

18 May 2014

Just a friendly reminder that The Molinist has a fresh new face and shiny new url:

Cross-posting at this WordPress blog will continue for some time but I encourage anyone reading The Molinist on-site to bookmark the new url where posts go up first and in full (not to mention without risk of lag, as I’m not always able to cross-post immediately) and anyone following this WordPress blog by RSS (I actually think that WordPress uses Atom but no matter) to change their subscription to the new RSS feed for the same reasons. Anyone who reads The Molinist via WordPress Reader should be fine for the time being, so long as they don’t mind clicking-through to the new blog (as cross-posts are always truncated to encourage moving to the new url as the default). Cross-posting will not continue indefinitely, though, so WordPress Reader followers would do well to switch to a different means of reading or syndication. If you’d rather not have to read the blog on-site but don’t currently use an RSS aggregator, I’d recommend feedly. You can also like/follow The Molinist on Facebook and/or Google+, where new blog posts will always be posted, as well as interesting articles from elsewhere on the internet and follow me on Twitter and/or Tumblr, where I post links to new and old articles (as well as other content).

The post and comment archive will continue to be hosted here either until I can succeed at a workaround for the export file format problem I’ve been having or it is addressed by a future Ghost (my new blogging platform) update. The new blog uses Disqus, rather than WordPress, commenting but you needn’t register with Disqus to comment if you don’t want to (known Disqus users may be whitelisted, though, meaning that your comments are posted without having to wait on manual moderation).

I hope you’ll join me over at the new blog.

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