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Curriculum Vitae


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
2013-2016 (forthcoming)
University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Supervisors: Karin Friedrich & Adelyn Wilson

Master of Letters (MLitt)
University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
Dissertation: ‘All in for the Long March: Consent in the Natural Jurisprudence of Luis de Molina and Hugo Grotius;’ Supervisor: John Webster

Honours Civil Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)
Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada
Magna Cum Laude; GPA: 3.9

Research Experience

Research Assistant: The Modern Tripartition: The Axial Moment and Modern East-West Philosophical Communication (October 2011- November 2011)
Project Lead: Professor Rajesh Shukla, Faculty of Philosophy, Saint Paul University
Copy-editing and formatting chapters for publication.

Current Research Activities

The role of consent in the formation of political communities in early modern Dutch and Iberian thought (dissertation topic)
Subjectivisation and correlativity in early modern natural rights theory
Topic-modelling the correspondence of Hugo Grotius

Additional Professional Services

Paper: Conmercium: Pornography and Society; response to Steinem, Gloria ‘Erotica vs. Pornography – A Clear and Present Difference’
For use by Phil McKnight, Department of English, University of Ottawa as teaching material for ENG 1100 – Workshop in Essay Writing

Academic Affiliations

Centre for Early Modern Studies, University of Aberdeen (Postgraduate Student)


English: Fluent
French: Fluent
German: A1
Swedish: Elementary

Latin: Partial reading knowledge
Spanish: Partial reading knowledge
Italian: Reading knowledge
Classical Hebrew: Working knowledge
Koine Greek: Working knowledge

Python 2 & 3

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