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Philosophy titles are arranged by thematically by genre and then alphabetically by author, lead author, editor, or lead editor (surname).


Finnis, John, Aquinas: Moral, Political, and Legal Theory (New York: Oxford University Press, 1998).

Haakonssen, Knud, Natural Law and Moral Philosophy: From Grotius to the Scottish Enlightenment (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 1996. [Review]

MacIntyre, Alasdair, After Virtue, 3rd ed. (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2007).

Schneewind, Jerome B., The Invention of Autonomy: A History of Modern Moral Philosophy (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1997).

Tierney, Brian, The Idea of Natural Rights: Studies on Natural Rights, Natural Law and Church Law 1150-1625 (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1997).

Socio-Political Philosophy

Asad, Talal et al., Is Critique Secular?: Blasphemy, Injury, and Free Speech (The Townsend Papers in the Humanities No. 2), Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2009. [Review]

Taylor, Charles, A Secular Age (Cambridge: Belknap Press, 2007).

– Modern Social Imaginaries (Durham: Duke University Press, 2004).

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